Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning
How Office Cleaning can Reduce Employee Sick Leave and Increase Productivity

According to one workplace microbial study, a working adult touches as many as 30 objects every 60 seconds which may be contaminated by bacteria or viruses causing infectious disease. Does it surprise you to learn that desktop surfaces, computer keyboards, mouse, and telephones are more contaminated than restroom toilet seats? WebMD reported that microwave doors, break room sink-faucets, and refrigerator doors are some of the dirtiest places in your office. Royalty assists you in obtaining a cleaner workplace, reducing the likelihood that your employees will get ill from being there. Not to mention happier customers!

Royalty’s common office cleaning services include:

  • Kitchen and Breakroom cleaning and maintenance
  • Restroom care
  • Trash disposal
  • Proactive and maintenance Floorcare
  • High-dusting difficult to reach spots and furniture

A clean office brings value to your business. Focus on what you do best and leave the office cleaning services to your partner, Royalty! We can handle ANY job and customize our service to fit your business.

Medical Cleaning

Medical Cleaning
Royalty adheres to Best Practices for Medical/Environmental Cleaning for Prevention and Control of Infections

With the shift of healthcare delivery away from the acute, inpatient hospital settings to a variety of outpatient and community-based settings, it’s critical that this care is provided under conditions that minimize or eliminate risks of healthcare-associated infections. Whatever the setting, Royalty has the expertise to provide Medical disinfection strategies and environmental surface cleaning that wages war on antibiotic-resistant microorganisms.

We excel at providing Medical-Environmental cleaning services in many settings:

  • Physician offices
  • Community-based settings
  • Ambulatory surgical centers
  • Non-hospital based clinics
  • Traditional hospitals

Royalty is committed to following best practice recommendations from organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control, the Association of Operative Registered Nurses, the Association for the Healthcare Environment, the Association for Professionals in Infection Prevention, as well as others. You have a trusted partner in medical cleaning for your facility. Call us today!

Bank Cleaning

Bank Cleaning
Cleanliness is an important component of the customer/consumer experience which contributes to increased profits and growth

What does the entranceway to your bank usually look like? One study found that people often decide within 10 seconds of a first encounter whether they will do business with you. Customers are savvier these days and have many options where they do business. What can set your bank apart from competitors is the cleanliness of your location.

Royalty can assist you with making sure you have an established, regular, accountable office cleaning schedule and the experienced staff to accomplish the plan. A clean office brings value by making it a more enjoyable place to work, and also a place where you can nurture long-term relationships with your customers. Focus on what you do best and leave the bank cleaning services to your partner, Royalty!

Reach out to us to schedule your cleaing today!

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Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning
Offering labor-intensive post construction cleaning

Royalty has years of experience in cleaning newly constructed buildings. We partner with your general contractor to complete this task, so you or your tenant(s) can move into their new space as quickly as possible. No job is too small or too large!

Royalty’s post-construction services include:

  • Commercial cleaning
  • Multi-step dusting process of all surfaces: light fixtures, ductwork, ceiling fans, walls
  • Floor care
  • Proper disposal of all sizes of construction materials according to local ordinances

We can rapidly respond to your request for services throughout the Greater Houston area and beyond. Call Royalty today for a free estimate.

Industrial and Plant Cleaning

Industrial and Plant Cleaning
Superior cleaning services for manufacturing and industrial facilities of any size.

You have a plant to run and need a reliable industrial cleaning partner up for the task. Royalty is committed to delivering top to bottom industrial cleaning with exacting standards. We have the in-depth experience, proven history, and highly trained staff to keep your facility clean.

Royalty's commitment to you:

  • Keeping safety paramount, we detail a plan of action and provide first-rate cleaning services customizable to your preferred schedule and specifications.
  • Provide in-depth experience in handling out-of-the-ordinary cleaning needs: no concern is too big or small.
  • Offer innovative solutions for cleaning industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Your search for a quality industrial cleaning partner is over! No matter if you have one building, or many, Royalty will exceed your expectations for industrial janitorial services.

Recreational Facility Cleaning

Recreational Facility Cleaning
Immpecable Recreational Facility Cleaning will Keep Them Coming Back

Immaculate Front desk areas, spotless restrooms, gleaming floors, hygienic changing/fitting rooms... all invite your customers, shoppers, and clients to come back. We’ll enhance their experience with your facility by keeping it dazzling. We understand which areas require the most attention, and how best to attend to them.

You’re Unique...We Get it!

We understand nightclubs, bars, gyms, spas, and restaurants have specialized requirements. We’ll customize a program that works for you and each of your locations – and we’ll do it within your budget and to your complete satisfaction.

Our teams are extensively trained and dedicated to thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing your facility, and the whole cleaning process is done using powerful yet eco-friendly tools and methods.